Tuesday, February 10, 2009

O Great Breakfast of Decimated Rainforests!

Who knows how long this burst of Pete-bothering-to-blog will last? But, as I've been ruminating over the continuing impact of The Omnivore's Dilemma on my eating habits, it seems like I might as well put it on the blog, if for no other reason then to document a not-so-common-these-days spate of Pete-being-earnest.

So, concerned with the amount of soy, suddenly, that I eat, and where the hell and what kind of monocultures it's coming from (apparently, much of the still-burgeoning soy industry, US-wise, is going on in the American South, so maybe not the whole year-long is my soy consumption in danger of decimating the Amazon (those giant snakes shouldn't have any reason to move their habitats!), I've made some changes to my diet.

1) No more frozen vegetarian novelty products (mostly here are Morningstar Farms' Buffalo Wings and Corn Dogs (though, I imagine I will have to splurge occasionally due to their overwhelming deliciousness).

2) I am embarking upon a rotation of non-dairy milks. Rather than always drinking soy milk, I will rotate, every purchase, between soy, rice, and almond milks. There's some diversity, right?

I'm still working on others, though they may take more time to develop, since, like, looking into localizing one's food consumption, especially when the bulk of one's staples are rice and beans, takes, like, way more work.


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