Friday, March 13, 2009

Sic Public Transit Gloria Mundi

An exchange I overheard on the 15 bus from the central library to (close enough to) my house, between a chatty but somewhat decrepit, elderly-looking drunk and a clean-cut young professional man who, as it came out later in the conversation, does not drink:

Elderly Drunk: Do you know where I can find a beer store?
Young Professional: Two stops.
ED: "Detox"?
YP: Two stops.
ED: I just got outta detox three days ago.
YP: So you're already looking for a re-tox?
ED: What?
YP: You're already looking for a re-tox?
ED: I'm lookin' for a beer.

This got some small incredulous chuckles out of the other bus passengers within earshot, although in context it was both pathetic and sort of hard to tell who was putting on whom.


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