Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time Passes

Well, it seems like I've more or less dropped off of the blog again for a few weeks and Easter Sunday seems as good a time as any to put up a post to at least say "Hey". So, you know, "Hey".

The proximate cause of the past few days' blog absenteeism has been that Kyle is moving to a lovely new apartment -- much larger than her soon-to-be-previous one and about 10 minutes closer to Portland to boot -- and I've been doing the usual boyfriendly duties. Currently we're in the old place and all of the remaining cleanup has been chased into the area between her kitchen sink and her stove, which offers about as much floorspace as an antique bathtub. So we're taking turns with the last of it, one of us scrubbing while the other whiles away some time on her laptop, which is sitting in the otherwise basically empty living room on top of a box lid. Right now I'm on the laptop / box lid shift; because of my own move last year and a lifelong slowness in acquiring new furniture, this feels like a remarkably familiar way to use a computer.

Other recent blog-prohibiting time sinks: Doing taxes; putting off doing taxes; going to Austin (lovely this time of year) for a wedding; slight uptick in work commitments; idly watching updates of real-time Internet box scores of Pirates games; generalized time wastage.

There has been various stuff I feel like I've been meaning to write about here and there but for now my brain's mostly saturated with thoughts related to the weekend's activities, mainly that it would be nice to make oneself thoroughly clean an apartment while one is living in it rather than when one is moving out of it. Also that, after a weekend of eating restaurant food at every non-breakfast meal, having dinner at Ruby Tuesday feels almost as casually self-destructive as I imagine drinking absinthe felt to continental European intellectuals circa 1900, though at least they have a respectable salad bar. Ruby Tuesday, I mean.

Other than that, not much to report. You know, "Hey".


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