Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lookin' Good

Over dinner this evening at The Place (since 1971 -- out in Guilford -- outdoor fire-pit seafood joint in a somehow secluded spot across Route 1 from the Wal-Mart) with work friends Carmel and Joe among others, a photographer snapped some photos for potential use on the Connecticut department of tourism's website. Which is unremarkable, except that she had us sign a Model Release Form, which cracked me up slightly. Model Release Form! Did I think I would ever sign one of these? Especially on a night where I hadn't even put my contacts in? I think I get to technically call myself a "model" now, even after having that Butterfingers sundae at Friendly's right afterward. Hell, you could be looking at the possible future face of Connecticut tourism, for all I know.

The larger point is that you should order the clam special.

* * * * *
Less happily, I read this thing about people texting while driving today and am I angry about it, by which I kind of mean people in general. I haven't lost this much faith in humanity since I figured out who Jon and Kate were. Which was like three weeks ago, so it's a good thing I've had all this vacation time to keep me happy.


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