Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm in Rural Georgia!

There's something about the phrase "I'm in rural Georgia!" that is just really pleasant to say. It's similar to "rural juror" but not quite as hard, and it's also one of those places that I never would have guessed that I'd be. But I made a quasi-pan-Asian soup today with a bunch of fresh ingredients (the highlight being the lemon thyme and jalapeno pepper) that I was really pretty proud of. Having just re-watched Tampopo with Dan and Shelley and few of Dan's other friends, I'm super proud of having prevented the soup from boiling while also cooking the rice vermicelli in separate, totally boiling, water.

Also, a couple of (well, bratty) Southern teenagers ate my vegan sweet potato yellow curry, which was, apparently, fairly unprecedented behavior. Also, I made a beautiful green curry served over purple rice last week. So I'm on something of a look-at-me-I'm-a-m-f-ing-damn-fine-cook high now.

I think that it brings me to an understanding of why some people (and a couple people I know) take pictures of food (they lovingly call it "food porn") for general sharing (in person on fancy-pants smellulars or on, like, blogs). But, of course, I didn't digitally record any of these small feasts, other than with this small feat of braggadocio right here.

Rural Georgia isn't close to anything, but speaking of Georgia (Athens, Georgia (birthplace of a lot of serious musical awesomeness)), I saw Jeff Mangum perform last weekend in a small-ish (500 people at the sold-out concert) Unitarian church in Burlington, Vermont. Which was beautiful and amazing and just as good as it possibly could have been. It probably deserves its own post, but I figured I'd better mention it now in case I don't get around to it (but now that Jack's blogging again, it reminds me to be blogging again too (after the usually summertime slowdown)). I lingered with a bunch of other fanboys who were after autographs to thank him for singing his songs. He double-checked to make sure I really didn't want his signature on something, since I had waited so long (I didn't). It's nice to know how normal and supernormal some humans can be at the same time.


Blogger nate said...

I'm glad to hear all that; I was starting to realize I didn't know where, or how, you were. Impressing people with your cooking is a fine feeling, not that I've done a whole lot of it.

8/15/2011 9:13 PM  

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