Tuesday, March 13, 2007

En forme de poire

My February was less of a wintery sinkhole than Jack's and my spring-forward weekend less of a subjectively productive one, though I did accomplish some minor errands, throw all the windows open, and embark on some spring cleaning (mostly in the form of a ferocious, bleach-powered assault on my shower walls that unfolded like the porcelain tile equivalent of the battle of Stalingrad). All this of course woven into my usual weekend rhythm of two-hour naps every four to six waking hours or so.

This morning I cruised into work under a reproachfully high-in-the-sky sun at about the same time as I should have were it not Eastern Daylight Time already. The office was in a minor state of temporal disarray since the network time all our machines are synched to neglected to spring -- this was straightened out piecemeal over the course of the day. It's an odd feeling when the meetings in your normally precise Outlook calendar are suddenly, variably accurate to within a tolerance of about two hours.

The crux of my late afternoon was formed by one of those slightly slow-sinking meetings where I watched a minor code defect with my fingerprints all over it complicate a looming, fairly high-profile release to one of the company's major clients. Just a quick fix needed, but I typically estimate anywhere between one and three hours to get everything straightened out for this kind of thing, so I started on it around 5:30 figuring it would wipe out a chunk of my evening and keep me out of photography class. I turned it around in about 55 minutes, though... So I drive back to Arlington, the sun of course still very much out (the sky, though, banded pink at the horizon). The radio starts to play the bouncy, slightly off-kilter last movement of one Bernhard Crusell's first clarinet concerto, which I clearly but incompletely recognize from way back -- the first page of it must have been the audition piece for the Allegheny Valley honors band one year. So, happy music, happy sun, plenty of time for class and not a lot of traffic for 6:30-ish PM, as though most of the rest of workerdom already gave up on this whole daylight savings concept. And I think, contentedly, this evening broke my way.

I just printed the photograph above this evening -- this is a size-conscious jpeg that loses the quality of the grain but the general idea comes across. I title it "Pear", which is what the subject more or less still was when I found it sitting at the foot of a bench in front of my apartment. At some point I'll try to put higher-resolution images of my couple of shots worth showing off on a Flickr page or something.


Blogger Jack said...

Hey, I like that a lot. Definitely post more if you can.

3/13/2007 8:38 PM  

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