Sunday, March 18, 2007

You Know What We Could Use? More Superdomes

I noticed this in the magazine pile at the gym: Sports Illustrated devoted a cover story a couple weeks back to global warming. You can read it online: the effects of global warming on sports, and the supposedly growing awareness within the sports world of global warming. Interesting! Odd! It's good to know that the global warming issue continues to popularize, though "what happens to sports" isn't exactly the most urgent angle to the problem.

Typically overoptimistic quote: "It's only a short jump from a NASCAR driver with a raised consciousness to a NASCAR fan with the same." Oh yeah, they're famously easy to educate.

Sports will most likely have their greatest role in climate change by instilling America with the crucial team spirit and us-against-the-world mentality necessary to defend our precious agricultural resources against waves of desperate refugees. Wooooo!! Not in our house!!

Speaking of Sports Illustrated, did anyone else notice that Beyonce Knowles is on the cover of their swimsuit issue? My understanding of the swimsuit issue was that they're supposed to put some unknown Eastern European model on the cover, and that if the gods of cheesecake smiled on her she might become a celebrity for having appeared there. I fear that Sports Illustrated has instead determined that American men are no longer interested in ogling half-naked women unless those women are already celebrities. It's like there's an ever-expanding laziness even at the low end of our collective intellectual spectrum.

More pressing for Beyonce may be dealing with the famous Sports Illustrated cover curse, which hasn't been tested on singer/actresses yet. They say for athletes it's just regression to the mean, but if I were her I'd be mindful anyway. Don't forget the chilling example of that movie they made with Rebecca Romijn.


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