Friday, November 21, 2008

Steelers 27, Cat Mammals 10

The Steelers prevailed over the Bungles tonight; in fact by the end it looked like a pretty decisive win. I say "looked" although the game was in fact unavailable to me via clock radio (curse you, regional AM radio sports chat programming!) but I triangulated the progress of the game pretty effectively via a couple of Internet sources and some texting with Jack. After a dismal start the offense apparently got going and the defense was epic once again. As a casual fan who reads a lot of press coverage around the team I think there are still some serious issues with the offense, particularly the O-line, that will hurt them from now through postseason -- but it's worth noting that they're 8-3 without having played any consistently weak teams except for Cincinnati (twice) and Houston. At any rate, nothing for the armchair observer to worry about until they go to New England in ten days except for whether Brett Keisel or (again) Willie Parker were injured enough tonight to miss any playing time. Go football. Meanwhile, back to the less spectatorial challenge of actually doing some dishes tonight.


Blogger Jack said...

A very slow start, then the game you'd expect. I was hoping the bar I went to with Stu and Andrea would have more Steelers fans in it, on account of Who Has the NFL Network, but instead it just an after-work crowd. Then it suddenly filled up before halftime with suit-wearing 30-year-olds from some conference or other.

One table somewhere cheered really hard when Santonio Holmes got his concussion, but that's the only time they made any noise. It wasn't clear whether they were Bengals fans who missed the first quarter or just guys who like football carnage.

11/21/2008 5:34 PM  

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