Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Books vs. TV on the Internet

So my semester is over now, or has been since Thursday afternoon (but I don't go to the internet all that often, and probably even less so now that its summer), which is a big relief, though the impending absence of relief of having no income tempers it somewhat. Also, I tallied up, as best I could, the number of books I read during the semester: 28. That's right, 28 books in 15 weeks. Boo-ya! And not short ones either. Maybe one of 'em was only 250 or so pages; the page count is well over five thousand. So, yeah, I have that as something of an accomplishment, even if it doesn't mean all that much. I'll be curious to see how my reading rate over the summer is affected by the overload of page-intake during the winter/spring. Though, I've always been a reader, so it'll never dip all that far. Especially until I get a job, all I've got is hours to kill, and pages devour hours.

I've also got a fair amount of internetting to do, since I'm trying to soup up my code skills to make a more functional website for the literary journal that will actually be pass-downable to later years of Graduate students, since otherwise, at this point, the thing will die with me, unless they find a way to get someone external to the program to make them websites. But working on said webpage today has mostly just involved watching TV on the internet. Like the new show that Mitchell Hurwitz, of Arrested Development fame developed, a crappy cartoon that isn't very good. And part of a Simpsons episode, which isn't very good either. And some Dollhouse, which isn't terrible, there were several episodes that are actually quite good, and the overall plot seems pretty awesome. But it's enough TV watchin' on the internet to remind me that I need neither internet nor TV at my own apartment. DVDs, that's where it's at.

Oh well, that's all for now. I guess I wish I had more to say since, like, I don't have the excuse of schoolwork to rationalize my lack of posting, or lack of interesting things to say.


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