Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haven in Treeflower

This picture would have been a lot more impressive yesterday, when the sky was still white but brighter and before all the tree flowers got rained on hard all night. Well, carpe diem. That's just about the view from my workplace window. I think there's a particular New Havenishness to it.

Basically all the local trees came into flower at the same time last weekend, which is fantastic.

New Haven's Wooster Square has a number of cherry trees, and there's a modestly scaled Cherry Blossom Festival every spring. I didn't go to the festival proper (Sunday) but was at the square shortly beforehand (Saturday) with Sarah and two of her companionable friends (Aaron, Sierra) to order Pepe's takeout and nab some beers at an adjacent package store and sit on the grass in the park while the evening spun itself out. This is about as nice as it gets in New Haven. And Libby's afterward for pastries and iced cappuccinos.


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