Monday, June 22, 2009

This Week in Creativity

A strange vanity project, pointing out the steadily-accumulating pictures on the internet of me typing poems, but there's one here. Fourth picture down.

Some dude at the WLRN gigs also took video of me (and a couple of the other poets, as we were writing); if that surfaces on the web, then we'll really have something. These poem store things are pretty crazy. We've done four of them now this month--should be all for at least a little while--and writing all these poems on the spot on random topics (I knocked out a good one back on Thursday, requested by a trio of young people, about "Yeti, Jim Morrison, and a major love disappointment"--centered around a certain famous live recording of Morrison singing along with Jimi Hendrix and saying a variety of things, few of which are safe for work, but all of which is worth looking up someday, when you've got time to spare on the internet (it's safe to say that the song in question played some kind of influence on a certain subset of my college band Dirty Weekend's output)--that the kids seemed to enjoy. And another about someone's pet chihuahua--about pretending it was a helper dog and sneaking it into a hall of mirrors.

But the people really seem to like their poetry, from all of us writers. Maybe because they don't actually know what poetry is, and are shocked to have something produced for them on the spot like that. We got a lot of requests for Father's Day poems as well, which tend to lend themselves to more schlock than I'd like, but these too seemed to go over well (not as schlocky as Hallmark, at any rate).

And, while I'm posting links about myself, here is a review of mini-comics semi-anthology that a piece I wrote (and my friend Nick drew) was included in (many of you will find yourselves buying one of these from me, I hope). "A funny concept..."! Hell yeah, I come up with funny concepts. Did I tell you the one about...


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Yeah, sure, I'll buy one of your mini-comics. I like funny concepts.

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