Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Incremental Veggie-tism

This Washington Post article (by Ezra Klein) lays out a really cogent case for avoiding meat on environmental grounds and -- more interesting to me, in a way -- an argument for incrementally eating less meat that I don't think you see that often. I don't follow the issue all that closely, but my sense is that vegetarianism is usually fit into this much less negotiable moral framework, where you have to go all-out, or at least where cutting out one meat-meal a week doesn't have a lot of value.

Of course, I've already started cutting back on meat seriously but partially, and there's nothing not to like about a moderate behavioral-policy proposal that you've already checked off of your list.

Remind me some time to look up relatively how much energy eggs and dairy involve; I still plow through eggs and dairy.


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