Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to Thank Your Production Editor

I'm all for placements in the acknowledgments, and plugging my name into Google is beginning to turn up more and more book-search Thank You one-liners. But this week a pair of coauthors sent me a thank-you package with some premium hot chocolate mix and a thingy of Dark Chocolate Covered, Cocoa Dusted Almonds. Yes! -- no manuscript editor is in it for the glory, but now and then it's good to be in it for the chocolate. I shared the almonds around the department. Fridays are better when there are delicious empty calories on the conference table. The hot chocolate will be coming out at the game night I'm hosting this evening, and will no doubt enhance the late-autumn Speed Scrabble experience.

A couple of years ago, another production editor in the department unexpectedly received a package from an author (I think of a language textbook) that turned out to contain three or four bottles of wine. That also is a good way to thank your production editor.

If you know anyone who's getting a book published, spread the word.


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