Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wii + Borscht = Happy

The game night I had planned for yesterday evening, a modest and deserving plan if ever there was one, was largely derailed because Stu was feeling sick and thus he & Julia couldn't make it. Meanwhile, my friend Emily's roommate, who is always writing her thesis, decided not to come so that she could continue writing her thesis. But Emily came, and it being just the two of us we just played Wii for about 4 hours. This is when it's really good to have a Wii.

Actually, it was super-satisfying, since I want to play Wii with my friends a lot more often but I'm too embarrassed to say to any of them, "Hey come over and play Nintendo with me." And we had beer and delicious production-editing cocoa. Much better than that game night I tried having a couple years ago that was completely canceled due to an ice storm, leaving me alone in my apartment with no friends and no place to go.

Also, I made borscht yesterday! And a giant latke. Is just like in old country, if by "old country" you mean "Mark Bittman vegetarian cookbook." Mark Bittman writes that his grandmother used to cook one giant latke, rather than a bunch of individual latkes. Go figure, but it works surprisingly well. (I will, at this point, basically do anything that Mark Bittman tells me to do.) This is the biggest latke I've ever cooked! This is the only latke I've ever cooked. Borscht is great, too, and I love cooking with beets, even if they give you Lady MacBeth hands. And even though beets seem like they should be really nutritious but really only contain sugar and purple. No, I haven't done enough beet cooking lately. Beets improve your mood so much! And they give such a distinctive rosy tint to your, um, mood.

The kitchen is still a war zone of beet spatter, dill, and cocoa powder, but let's just put off the cleanup a little longer.

Meanwhile, Stu is feeling better today, so he's about to swing by so we can drive up to Hamden and watch the Steelers/Bengals game with Andrea. The rest of the country can take their Patriots/Colts rivalry; just give us an AFC North slugfest.


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