Saturday, March 13, 2010

Springtime Small Ball and the Usual City Enjoyments

Just back from sunny Florida, which by the last day had become windy, thundery, and lashed with a warm rain. The weather played fair enough before that to watch five Pirates spring training games in five days, as planned, with the parents (and, for the last two games, Pete). Observing this much spring training baseball will really slow down your mental metabolism, as will the pleasantly lazy pace of vacation days in general. I feel relaxed and restored, and ready for it to be twenty degrees warmer in the Northeast.

And with that it's immediately off to New York for the rest of the weekend to watch an avant-garde Shostakovich opera with Nate, plus to stay up late on Sunday listening to John Luther Adams. (Monday should be fun, fun, fun at work.) And in between, likely a MoMA excursion plus who knows what. In any case I expect my mental wheels to speed up again: yes, the whirlwind of high-energy art appreciation, best enjoyed while you're young. Which is to say in the next ten days or so.


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