Friday, February 19, 2010

La petite tot du tatre

When I get into work in the morning I walk up the stairs from the parking garage (at street level) to my office, and this morning the landing on the lobby level had an oily, foody smell to it, very much like a large batch of tater tots or hash browns. Was there a breakfast in the lobby for one of the other businesses in the tower? I didn't investigate. But the smell welled up an immediate reaction in me as though I were walking through a school cafeteria, and with it the characteristic feeling of being under ten years old and at school in the morning and really not wanting to be there. Funny how these emotional benchmarks from childhood never leave you.

Anyway, Happy Friday to all and sundry, although I will probably put this up when I get home from the job, once the worklier parts of the day are already past.


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