Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poetry Blood in the Virtual Waters

'Cause these media-types are like sharks in a frensy. For you public radio enthusiasts, some PRI coverage of the Miami Poetry Collective.

The MPC was up in Tampa/St. Pete over the weekend, doing our thing at a farmer's market in downtown St. Petersburg. A most excellent time, featuring some delightful poem topics (my favorite of the day being "Muscovy Ducks and SCOBY," which fell to me since I was the only poet at the fair that could readily identify the acronym SCOBY as "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast," thanks to kombucha's place near the top of my favorite beverages matrix--the poem featured, to everyone's--I read it out loud, at the orderers' request--delight, an image of a flush of muscovy ducks lifting off from the scum and muck of a pond like a mother being lifted from its tub. And if you're not familiar with kombucha, it's worth making yourself familiar, especially if you like the taste of sour fermented liquids (one of the flavors coming up out of the somewhat mysterious colony of symbiotes comes from the beloved brettanomyces yeast, which beer enthusiasts will recognize as the souring agent of lambics, guezes, and other open-vat Belgian-style beers)) from some delightful humans. Poets got high-fives and hugs at a rate well above that of Miami.

St. Petersburg was the first city in Florida besides Key West that seemed downright livable to me (bike lanes!!!). Fueled by farm-fresh, less-than-20-minutes-from-bush-to-consumption blueberries, the eight of us poets roamed about St. Pete on a beautiful, flush-with-bicyclists (there was both a triathalon and a fixie rally going on) weekend. Here's some pictorial documentation from my friend Nick. This was our first poetic venture outside of the confines of Miami, and it definitely went well enough that it seems like something that we're gonna keep trying to do.


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