Thursday, June 10, 2010

Queues You Can Use

Someone at work left some free Netflix trial cards pinned to the department bulletin board, so I've taken the plunge into the early twenty-first century and signed up. Now, when people tell me about movies, I can start adding them to my queue, instead of saying "I should add that to my Netflix queue, although I guess I'll have to sign up for Netflix first, I should totally do that."

The inaugural items on my queue are:
--A 1995 episode of NOVA about ants hosted by E. O. Wilson
--Good Bye Lenin (which popped into my head first as a movie I wanted to see but inexplicably never did, and which I located by Googling "movie about old east german woman")
--The NFL Films disc of Super Bowl XIV
--The 1970 documentary about the original cast recording of Sondheim's Company
--The Incredibles, About Schmidt, Wedding Crashers, and Fight Club, in approximate order of how much I want to catch up on these
--Season one of M*A*S*H
As you can tell, I'll have made myself culturally current again in no time.

And they have "30 Rock" streaming, so I have new teevee to watch for when I bike home for lunch.

Seriously, now that I have a queue, I want to hear if you have any prompts (stage directions, if you will) regarding things I should queue onto it.


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