Friday, February 25, 2011

How I Could Just Kill A Man

I think O, Miami has hit the point where I'll essentially be working on it all the time now until it's over (it's over April 30). Which means there's some potential for overload blowback, whereby I do things like this, which is blog something that generally wouldn't surface on my usual scale of bloggability, but since I'm avoiding doing some other crucial piece of work, or, like, letting my brain rest a minute while it processes some piece of festival work.

So now you get to know that, despite the semi-populist modulations of O, Miami, I'm still as highbrow as ever, as evidenced by my being currently in a long-term project of reading James Joyce's Finnegans Wake with my friend Parker. We're doing some work to document our encounter with the book, and that's including some writing and some doodling. And I'm quite happy with our first doodle, which happened as a counterpoint to our first (written) dialogue. So here it is:

If you have to ask what it means, then you can't afford it.

Particularly, I'm pretty thrilled with the two little diagrams I made:

Shout-out to Kaja Silverman!

Here Comes Everyone!


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