Sunday, February 06, 2011

Steeler Bowl '11

Well, what can you do? I feel OK. That was a worthy, entertaining Super Bowl, and the Steelers' mistakes were honestly forced by the Packers. Turned out to be a great matchup. And good for the Packers: I've felt this entire two weeks that if I'd been neutral about the Steelers, I would have been pulling for the Packers, like most of the rest of America.

If your season's going to end in a loss, it may as well be on the final drive of the Super Bowl. I thought the team was going to go about 8–8 this year, so I can't complain about that. And I got to host a Super Bowl party again! You don't get to do that every year. Just, you know, every two years.


Blogger Pete said...

I watched the game! In my jersey and everything. Too bad we lost. Somehow, it wasn't so bad. I think the Packers earned it, so, yeah, I think it was a respectable loss. Someone at the party I was at found some statistic on the internet about there being something like 8 players on the field last night that had been charged with sexual assault at some point during their careers.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm looking forward to a lockout (since I know such a thing will turn me off of the sport entirely, and that might be for the best).

2/07/2011 9:32 AM  
Blogger nate said...

Good game, indeed, and a better and more entertaining season than expected. Tough to watch your team of choice lose the big game, of course, but it didn't disappoint me that much either.

I sort of agree with Pete, in that whether there's a lockout or not it would be easier just not to have any NFL season to get worked up about at all. But I almost always feel like that right after the Steelers' season ends, like a fog is lifting, and I seem to find the energy and desire for it again several months later. The completely vicarious emotional roller coaster with its very limited range of outcomes, I've really discovered this year, makes up most of the appeal.

2/07/2011 11:59 AM  

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