Saturday, October 14, 2006

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This morning I've been setting up a new laptop that I just bought -- so far it's pretty sweet. It's another middle of the line Dell Inspiron, still well-suited to my non-professional computing needs, but since it was manufactured in this millenium it's capable of a lot of stuff the old computer can't do anymore, such as playing video content or opening more than three web browser windows at the same time. Should be fun.

For the record, it's not nearly as nice for its time as the desktop computer Dad bought me when I started college. (He bought that computer by giving me his credit card and going on vacation with the rest of the family during my first weekend of school, letting me make my own way to the Carnegie Mellon computer store rather than micromanaging the details of the purchase. That was a really nice computer.)

Also, since the new computer's compatible with up-to-date USB technology, I can use my scanner again, as well as the external hard drive that contains everything else I've scanned before. I'll try to keep the barrage of old doodles to a minimum; for starters I'll share something from the archives that Pete did a while back.

(Circa 1988, I think.) There's not much I can add to this, except maybe to say that while Pete's artistic style has matured somewhat I suspect the central message of the piece is still true enough. Fans of mocking Pete's penmanship should note that that's basically what his handwriting looks like now, except for the lower-case letters.


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