Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Because I Could Not Stop For Lunch He Kindly Stopped For Me

My standard eat-at-your-desk bag lunch, lovingly assembled this morning in a state somewhere between crankiness and unconsciousness:

* One-third bag of prewashed baby spinach
* One roma tomato, chopped
* Several crumbles of feta cheese
* A few slivered unsalted almonds
* Black pepper and celery seed to taste
* Two or three dribbles salad dressing

* About a cup of plain yogurt, nonfat or low-fat
* Three or four strawberries, chopped, if available and not moldy

* Banana

Orange Juice
* Free from office fridge; apple juice preferable but currently out of stock

Extra Caution Required
* Do not contract E. coli infection from bagged spinach
* Do not dip bathrobe sleeve into yogurt

...Most indications seem to be that the health risk, such as it was, from bagged spinach is over. The second item listed remains a far more likely form of contamination.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


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