Monday, October 09, 2006

Things I Have Noticed in my Apartment Complex's Laundry Room Tonight

Only one, thing, actually: My bicycle, like most of the bicycles chained to the rack in there, no longer has a seat. When I amortize that over the three and a half years I've lived here, though, it will probably cost me less than the accumulated not-startings, inadequate dryings, and general fuckings-up of the laundry machines themselves.

This concludes our already spotty observance of the rental agency's "Do not store bicycles in the apartments" policy.


Blogger Jack said...

Yeah, that'll happen. Hasn't happened to me yet, but I've been shlepping my bike up & down out of the apartment (3 flights of stairs) to prevent exactly that. And during the day it lives in the basement of the office.

Lots of stories here about bikes & parts of bikes going missing.

10/10/2006 8:34 PM  

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