Friday, November 03, 2006

Any Takers?

From: [Coworker]
To: [Jack's entire office]
Subject: prod/design fridge


The production/design dept is clearing out the fridge and we have some mystery items.

Does anyone want to claim:
-a square container (rubbermaid takealong) of spaghetti with pesto (?)
-a small round container (ziplock with blue lid) with a green substance in it
-paper bag containing peanut butter and jelly and something wrapped in tin foil
-an opened tin can of peaches in a plastic bag

If not, we'll chuck them on Monday.



Blogger Nate said...

Dibs on the green substance. My current office seems to police its refrigerators pretty well; at my former company, which was much larger, or on site at its similarly big clients there tended to be standing (and sometimes mildly arcane) policies about what kinds of food would be thrown out by the cleaning staff when. One place would take any bagged items out of the bag if they were left there overnight. That was always obnoxious if I'd packed a lunch, then left it for the next day because I went out for food with coworkers.

Such policies did produce relatively few amusing emails about refrigerator contents, except for the occassional note from an individual asking whoever was drinking their Diet Dr. Pepper to please stop it. By far the funniest office-kitchen-related email I ever got had to do with a missing microwave -- not so much for the message itself, which was succinct and straightforward, as for the circumstance. Though it was a pain in the ass not to have a microwave on our side of the 6th floor from then on.

11/03/2006 3:57 PM  

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