Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Moons Over My Hamstrings

That's been kicking around my head as a prospective title without a post for a while, but I've never had something to say about both leg musculature and breakfast items at Denny's. So, hell, here's just the title.

I'll add on the subject of hamstrings that I'm oddly amused by this sentence from that hamstring page linked above:

It is only relatively recently, as far as evolutionary time is concerned, we stopped performing manual labor and began regularly sitting in chairs for prolonged periods of time.

...I think because it applies an inappropriate time scale to human behavior, deliberately or not. After we reached our anatomically modern form (most significantly, I take it, developing the physiological basis for our use of language) all of human culture, chair-sitting included, makes up pretty much the same blip on the evolutionary radar screen. You could say as meaningfully, if more extremely, that it is only relatively recently as far as geological time is concerned that we stopped riding those funny antique bicycles with the big wheel in front.

I'll also add on the subject of Denny's, don't actually eat at Denny's.


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