Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, Dreamsomething-or-other, Anyway

Maybe I'm too literal-minded, but I always think it's strange when movie posters show actors, and list those actors' names, but don't line up the names with the faces. Like if you have George Clooney in the picture, and it says "George Clooney" somewhere, it should go under George Clooney, not under Matt Damon or what have you.

I submit that the poster for the upcoming movie Dreamgirls takes this kind of incongruity to a whole other level.

(You'd think it would be easier to tell those three people apart in those particular outfits. You heard it here first: "Dreamgirls" is a shoe-in for the costume and makeup Academy Awards.)

I don't have any actual interest in seeing this movie. Seeing Jamie Foxx's name on a musician-related movie poster reminds me that I should get around to watching Ray sometime, though.


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