Monday, December 04, 2006

License Plate Games

Ah, the Oklahoma license plate. Snazzy!

Oklahoma has, of course, been central to the USA's celebration of her Native American heritage, being the 19th century Indian Territory where eastern tribes were sent during the infamous "Trail of Tears" forced relocations. Later the government took back that territory for non-Indian settlement, too. Truly a high point of our country's rich cultural history, there.

For my money, America's best license plates are still New Mexico's ("We're part of your country, dammit") and Washington, DC's ("Bitter and Disenfranchized").

In a different, completely uncynical way, I still haven't lost touch with our collective childhood fascination with out-of-state license plates. Near the Oklahoma plate on the street today there was one from Saskatchewan, which produces a thought that goes (fully, beginning to end) "Ooh! Saskatchewan!" and leaves me that much happier while I'm walking to work.

Incidentally, you can buy old out-of-state license plates at this website. You know, in case you find yourself decorating a family restaurant or something.


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