Sunday, July 13, 2008

Burgh Media

Don't know if you saw it already, but the New York Times travel section featured Pittsburgh in their "36 hours" feature last weekend. Go hometown! I think I've hit a little over half of those highlights.

I continue to feel that I haven't spent enough time in Pittsburgh as a grownup. Anytime any of you (brothers) want to spend a non-holiday weekend in the hometown doing interesting city stuff, let me know. (As long as it's not the second week of August, when I'll be visiting Nate in Portland.)

The NY Times did their last "36 hours in Pittsburgh" feature in 2002. Plus their feature on the inclines in 2007. My feeling about the inclines is that they're great, but probably not worth driving across Pennsylvania to see.

Have they extended those bike trails to Washington, DC yet?


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