Sunday, July 06, 2008

To Do or Not to Do

I made a to-do list while eating brunch today (western omelet, bacon, fries, cup o' coffee at an unpretentious dinerish eatery near downtown) but I'm deciding against taking any steps toward completing it, since it's muggy and I'm sluggish and I spent the last three days going down and then up the east coast as far as Arlington. Also I'm happier sitting on the couch in my underpants with the fan trained directly toward me, drinking Dry Sack medium dry over ice and watching Federer-Nadal at Wimbledon on the TV.

Yep, if'n I was an animal today, I'd be a lazy ol' hound dog, jest a-layin on the porch, flappin' his tail an' mebbe snuffin' at a fly what lands on his nose now an' then. I will not be judged for this.

(Hmm, rain delay at Wimbledon. I haven't actually watched tennis for probably something like fifteen years. I have no allegiance to either Federer or Nadal, though I was glad that Federer pulled off an unlikely fourth-set victory on the brink of losing the championship, since I'd only tuned in a couple of games before that and I get to watch the fifth set in full. This is possibly not the best way to watch an apparently epic match [as the announcers have taken to identifying it] but I'm doing my best. Also, man, can these two play tennis.)

I'm not exactly the first line of entertainment news, but if you haven't heard it already, the rumors about an Arrested Development movie are heating up. Time will presumably tell whether they can finally get that stew going. It is to be hoped.

* * * * *

[update, 4:20 pm EDT] Yeah, that's just some really good tennis.


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