Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby, You've Got a Stew Goin'

Ahh... nothing like Autumn in Miami, when one's electricity bills finally drop! My latest bill was a full 33% smaller than the previous month's, and that's a downward trend that is yet complete. And already cheaper than any that I had in the apartment I lived in last year (this is primarily do to the fact that the noise pollution at the new place is so much less that I'm actually able to keep my windows open as often as I care to. Though, as I've tracked over in Culturology, not quite all is well with the new apartment, as the specter of EVIL still looms over it. I guess that's the hidden cost in paying a couple hundred dollars less a month for rent.

I reckon I've been a bit less present than usual on the blog recently, especially for this week when both Jack and Nate posted A-list material. Oh well. It's that time of the semester - now mostly passed, really - where I had to 1) work the Miami International Book Fair 2) write a poem in Terza Rima, and 3) write a lengthy analysis paper about the plot of one of my own long narrative poems. Man, being a grad student in creative writing sure is tough! And most of my life otherwise involves little more than reading books and repairing flat bicycle tires.

But I figured I should post something, for the small handful of non-family readers out there that might be tuning in, since with Thanksgiving week coming up, the blog will be somewhat silent then too. I've got some higher-quality posts stewing, so hopefully they'll surface here eventually. I'm hoping, eventually, to get into the habit of writing up my now weekly musings about science (Jack got me a subscription to New Scientist magazine for my birthday, which is pretty much awesome weekly science mag - never too in depth, but well documented and generally broad in its reach without overfocusing on technology), which I think would be fun to do (just a matter, as usual, of actually doing it).


Blogger Jack said...

The picture of that poster really expresses something about it that even your funny written description of it couldn't.

Do I interpret your post title correctly, that you are extending Carl Weathers's "Arrested Development" catchphrase to signal, somewhat in the abstract, the fundamental concept of being cheap or saving money? If so, I approve mightily.

11/22/2008 3:21 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Got it, Jack (though I also threw in the stuff about my having more posts "stewing" to further pun off of that). Though, more than just the cheaper rent, it's the fact that I never spend my per diem and always eat at craft services.

11/24/2008 4:56 PM  

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