Sunday, December 21, 2008

Titans 31, Steelers 14

Yes, that seems to be what it looks like if you play a tough game on the road and make all the mistakes. Between the missed 33-yard field goal, and Roethlisberger's first fumble at the 3, and whatever unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the Titans a first-and-goal instead of a field goal attempt, you've got a ten-point swing right there.

The defensive lapses are a bit worrying, but I think the defense will put things together in the playoffs. And I don't think we learned anything about the offense we didn't know already. (Lots of sacks? No running game?) Good thing they won in Baltimore last week.

Took the train down to Fairfield to check out a different Steelers bar with Stu. Kind of a weird crowd of regulars: loud guy wearing jersey and shoulder pads and KISS-style makeup in black and gold; middle-aged guy who gripes constantly about Bruce Arians; guy who looks vaguely like Steve Buscemi.


Blogger Pete said...

I didn't watch this game, but, yeah, I reckon the prevailing wisdom is that its better to lose bad before the playoffs then during, and also, its hard to beat the same team twice, so hopefully dem Stillers'll figure out what went wrong there yesterday.

12/22/2008 1:30 PM  

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