Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better Than Nothing

It appears to be the case that Thursday afternoons are the one time of the week when I find myself both in front of the internet and with time to kill. So this, I suppose, is a more-or-less typical meta-bloggatory preamble to whatever content it will occur to me to write about by the end of this paragraph. This reminds me a bit of the format the The Simpsons used (I don't know what they're up to over there these days, I stopped watching years ago (and no matter what the Onion AV Club or Matt Groening says, the last 12 years of The Simpsons has sucked way more than its been funny)) for many of its middle seasons, where the 1st act is only loosely connected to the main story of the episode; so this paragraph, post-wise, is a sort of pre-plot that gets the main plot of the post rolling. Incidentally, the movie WALL-E had a much more unique act structure, which I think was one of the most notable things about it, that was somewhat overlooked in all the praise that was heaped upon it. But, of course, all this preambulating starts to make me feel pressured too--just a couple of sentences ago, I was convinced that I was going to think of something to write about, and now, as the scroll bar is about to appear on the Compose window of of mild interest's blog HQ (yep, there it is, scroll bar just showed up), it seems that time is a-wastin'; I've still got 40 minutes before class, but space is time and time is space...

...okay: here's something. It's about a new initiative to make up some kind of eco-business certificate to Bachelor's Degree's at my University. My quote was so hot that the writer used it to close the article. Boo-ya! To my credit though, I did say several other things to the woman that was writing the article, which were much more cynical than the one that she finally printed. I'm sad to see that my analogy between my University offering a "green" certification and Wal-Mart selling organic cotton didn't make the cut.

Eh... I dunno, I got nothin'. Sorry.


Blogger nate said...

Call me cynical, but I don't think master's students in poetry are qualified to comment on ways to make more money after college.

3/26/2009 7:46 PM  

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