Monday, August 31, 2009

Fatty McPitchPitch Goes to Hell!

Just when you thought we were done posting about the Pirates (only, of course, to start posting about the Steelers, here, on or around the 10th of September), another must-mention from Dejan Kovacevic's stellar Pirates blog over at the post-gazette. This time for his best-of/worst-of list for the Pirates every-year-since-I-was-11 losting streak.

What in particular? That's right, Jimmy Anderson made the list as the losing streak's worst left-handed starter. My disdain, from the first time I ever saw him pitch on (and my basking in his doing even worse for the Reds), was, like totally confirmably right!

Kovacevic, on Anderson:

"Best remembered for his belly poking out from under his jersey, Anderson also had some weighty numbers: 24-42, 5.24 ERA and a home run every 10 innings. "


Blogger Jack said...

That worst-of list is laugh-out-loud funny. Well, maybe not funny, but it's laugh-out-loud something.

The runner-up bad lefty, Steve Cooke, was my favorite player for a year (probably 1995), which is pretty sad when you think about it.

Accounts of today's Monday-afternoon rainout makeup against the Reds are mesmerizing in their own way, concerning as they do a game at a near-empty ballpark that ended on a 9th-inning wild pitch. The best comment about the crowd is from the Reds' Darnell McDonald, observing that it's "harder to focus when you can hear individual comments." Hang in there, sports fans, only 9 games left between the Reds & Pirates this season!

Brian Bixler got demoted today, in related news. Supposedly back to Triple-A, but I think it's just a story to make everyone feel better while director of player development Kyle Stark drives him an hour out of town and leaves him in the woods.

8/31/2009 7:32 PM  
Blogger nate said...

Some background on Pete's post, if anyone needs it, is that back when Anderson was playing for the Pirates, Pete scornfully nicknamed him "Fatty McPitchPitch GoToHell" (I mean nicknamed him for his own usage alone, but that pretty much goes for all of Pete's nicknames) -- which was pretty immature even for his own standards. But accurate! For my part I think Anderson's bowler-like physique would have been a lot less galling if he had actually demonstrated any ability to pitch at a major league level.

"Laugh-out-loud something" is about right for that Kovacevic piece from Sunday. Even the best-of list is pretty depressing.

9/01/2009 8:25 PM  

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