Monday, August 10, 2009

Stopping Following Again, as of Now-ish

You know your baseball team is bad, and quite probably horribly managed, general managed, and owned, when your friends from Miami, diehard Marlins fans, give you shit for your team's embarrassing state of existence. I'd imagine Nationals fans have a similar attitude, especially given their team's not-necessarily-coincidental-with-arrival-of-Nyjer Morgan improvement, and the Pirates' recent eight-games-at-home losing streak. Usually I've given up following the Pirates this late in the summer, nor do I have a reputation for being fascinated by the grotesque (I still haven't forgiven Nate & Jack for taking me to the Mutter Museum back around the turn of the Millenium), but, somehow this summer I can't help myself--a combination of being home for a while in early July and a genuine hope that Neal Huntington isn't as dumb as he might be (if you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, maybe you make a flying spaghetti monster that could be powerful enough to be a wild card contender).

That being the case, Matt "In need of a suitably derogatory nickname but hopefully he won't be a Pirate long enough for me to bother" Capps--his batting practice fastball, 2-7 record, and 3 blown saves--is now officially my most hated Pirates pitcher since Fatty McPitchpitch Gotohell (with the usual props to Mike "The Saddest Closer" Williams as well (unfortunately, I can't find the picture of Williams where he really looks like the saddest baseball player ever to go to an All-Star game with an ERA over 6)).


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