Sunday, November 22, 2009

Push It to the Limit

The weekly film screening on campus this Friday was of Scarface, which had been on my to-watch list for a while. It's a good flick to see in gritty 35 mm glory.

For all its iconic crazy Pacino, I thought the most glorious revelation in the movie was its fantastic '80s montage sequence. I didn't know Scarface had a montage this good! I'm all pumped up now. (It's not on YouTube in decent quality, but you can watch it on this, um, Slovenian video website. Always a good idea to browse those.) Anyway, it's good life advice. "Push it to the limit! Walk along the razor's edge, don't look down, just keep your head." Words to kick ass by, for sure. DISCLAIMER. Pushing it to the limit may cause death by climactic gun battle.

I feel like all you hear about Miami these days is its poetry scene. It's nice to see some attention devoted to its criminal underbelly for once.

This was a date night, by the way, and her idea no less. I was wondering whether Scarface would turn out to be at all acceptable as a date movie, but if you get a drink afterwards it works fine. Or maybe our whole generation is just desensitized. I think the film is over-the-top enough, and with enough fabulous early-80s synthesizer music, to keep it from being truly disturbing. It also helps the romantic mood when any chainsaw dismemberments are kept tastefully off-camera.


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