Monday, February 15, 2010

Competitive Violence, That's Why I'm Here

There's a fairly large portion of me that really doesn't like the notion of self-promotion. Luckily, an even larger part of me comfortably assumes that very few people read this blog. So:

I have some poems on the internet: (here).

You'll notice that the second of the two poems features a familiar family motif, about how birds are dinosaurs (the first stanza was conceived sitting at the parents' house, drinking coffee and watching the birds peck away at the feeder).

Enjoy! (It's a really cool webpage, la fovea, of poets linking in to each other, creating a kind of web-network w/ representative poems, so I recommend, if you, like, like poetry, to click around (and I'm prideful and honorable of being linked in to the oneandonly Campbell McGrath), set up by the poet Frank Giampietro, whose at FSU and a cool poet and awesome guy.)

And, while I'm bothering with this sort of thing, if you're into print artifacts of yours truly, I've also got a poem in the latest issue of the Cream City Review. Check your local library.

Also, my fantasy football champion trophy arrived in town as well, which is awesome. Once I get access to a digital camera, I'll throw some pics up as that as well.


Blogger Jack said...

I like to imagine that the pine siskins, whenever they territorially chase away other birds at the feeder with their beaks wide open, hear in their own minds an earth-shaking, tyrannosaurus-like bellow. In any case, it does seem to intimidate the other dinosaurs. Er, finches.

Also, hooray for poetry!

2/16/2010 8:03 AM  

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