Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nosin' in the Rain (addendum)

Nate mentioned this blurry photo of him standing in front of the Met Opera in his Portland rainy-day getup.

During that weekend, at first it was funny to see Nate and Kyle both dressed in hooded rain jackets and waterproof pants, because it made them look like goofy out-of-towners. A little later -- really, not very much time later -- I appreciated their cultural adaptation more. I spent the weekend struggling with my little umbrella, especially after the coat check at the Whitney Museum lost it and replaced it with an even worse little umbrella from their lost and found.

It was still, however, pretty funny to watch Nate blithely take off a layer of pants in the grand stairwell of the Metropolitan Opera.


Blogger nate said...

I felt in New York like I might have overstated how many people in Portland go with the hooded raincoat option, and indeed (especially downtown) there are a lot of umbrella toters here. But since I've been paying attention, on the couple of very rainy days here since then I've noticed that there are indeed a lot of raincoat wearers here out and about in the elements here. I feel validated!

4/01/2010 8:59 PM  

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