Wednesday, June 16, 2010

St. Pedro's Day

I'll let Nate take care of observing Bloom, since I never read Ulysses and am not on track to do so. But we should also observe the arrival of Pedro Alvarez to the Pittsburgh Pirates, signaling the next big thing for the ballclub. God help us all, may it be better than the last few next big things.

Pedro didn't get a hit but he walked and scored a run, representing half of the Pirates' nightly allowance of two runs. He also committed an error in the ninth inning that led to a meaningless insurance run being scored, which I think officially makes him a member of the team.

That's ten losses in a row now.


Blogger nate said...

Hey now, to be fair Al Martin did lead the league in wives that one season, although he wasn't a Pirate anymore by then.

6/16/2010 11:13 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Mom & I were at the game last night. Started out good & exciting; we of course were among those giving a standing ovation.

We stopped at 6th & Penn restaurant for a drink & a snack before the game. Over the bar ESPN was on, muted, with closed captioning scrolling. The announcers were doing their fast review of events:
Annoucer 1: The Pirates have lost 9 in a row.
Announcer 2: Can you say 10?
Announcer 1: 10

Now, in addition to seeing an unassisted triple play, and watching a game in which Bo Jackson hit 3 home runs while Deion Sanders had an inside the park home run, I can now say I have had the rare experience of watching the Pirates have 6 errors in a single game. Four of them in a single inning. Yikes.

6/17/2010 5:38 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

I'm feeling luckier and luckier that we actually saw them win back on Memorial Day weekend.

Six errors is unbelievable. Twelve losses in a row is pretty unbelievable too. (I remember their losing 13 in a row back in '06 mostly because I was so disgusted I stopped even reading about the team.) Here's hoping the future stars don't experience any lasting psychological damage from the experience.

6/19/2010 11:52 AM  

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