Thursday, July 15, 2010

Actual Blogging-type Behavior

In websites-about-writing news (since it's been a while since we checked out whether we are men or women), there's a site out there now that has some "algorithms" that will tell you what famous writer you write like. Obviously, algorithms designed for some instant flattery.

Based on posting here on the ol' mild interester, I write like, and, gah, isn't this predictable:

David Foster Wallace.

If he hadn't killed himself a couple years ago (which actually did make me sad), he'd still be my imaginary literary nemesis (since I'm one of those dudes that people say things like "You must really like David Foster Wallace." to. My response being "Yeah, I like him, and yes, I think he's a great writer, but do you have to mention this?" or sometimes, more like Cartman in that South Park episode making fun of Family Guy, where he says "Don't you ever compare me to Family Guy!" and goes on a funny rant about people always telling him how much he must love Family Guy.

So, reeling from the D.F.W. comparison, I tried my writing from my Culturology blog postings, where I tend to be peppier and more general-audience in intent with my sentences. It came up with:

Douglas Adams.

Not bad!

But then I checked some representative posts from Nate and Jack, and they both also come out as David Foster Wallace. And they didn't even read Infinite Jest! They only watched me do it!

Obviously, this website, which I now still feel obligated to blog about, isn't as awesome as it might be. Or we'll all just nerds-with-writing-chops here.


Blogger Kyle said...


Various emails I have written to Nate come back as either David Foster Wallace or Dan Brown. One of these is better than the other. My write up of the problems with my employer’s production bonus calculation method came back as H.P. Lovecraft which was … surprising.

7/15/2010 5:54 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

After a little more investigation yesterday, there's apparently only like 12 authors that it can choose from. Totally not the robust website that it might be (as compared to, especially the gender-finding write-site).

7/16/2010 9:27 AM  

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