Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Warm Solstice!

Halfway through Warm Year already! The time does fly. I did my celebrating of the heat yesterday, by biking over to East Haven and its quiet little public beach. It's about a half-hour ride, so it gives you some exercise before the sand-laziness. High sun, hazy clarity, scalding sand. Good times. I waded in the sound a little bit, but it's a bit murky and seaweedy, and it doesn't really shout "Hey go in me" at you. Mostly I hung out on my towel continuing to read Metaphors We Live By. Which you shouldn't really read at the beach. (That's a special case of a more general recommendation, if you follow me.) It's nice to enjoy the heat directly, without forlornly imagining it from the wrong side of your workweek office window.

Also, I think I'm in the early running for Whitest Beach Bod 2K10.


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