Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It's the hottest evening of the year, and the water in my apartment started coming out of the taps brown. So that's no good. I'm hoping things are back to normal soon, and resorting to premodern technology in the meantime, which is to say running a bunch of water through a Brita filter and then boiling it on a gas range. Just like medieval times!

It's not so much the inconvenience that bothers me, it's not being able to disregard the looming specter of eventual civilizational disaster due to extreme summer temperatures and loss of access to fresh water. Sure, this is going to be the story of the twenty-first century in general, but in particular I wish it wouldn't hit my apartment so early.

* * * * *
[Weds. AM] Aha, it's the mains, overtaxed and thus sediment-laced.

I figure this'll all be fine with a filter. Water seems clear this morning, but today's weather is supposed to be like yesterday's, up around 90.

* * * * *
[Weds. PM] The New Haven Independent (same link above) relates some reassurance from the Regional Water Authority's spokeswoman:
Despite its “unappealing” appearance, the water is OK to drink, according to Powell.

“It is not harmful,” she said. “It is no different from the clear water, except that it has stuff floating around in it.”

That would appear to accurately sum up the difference, yes.

Anyway, end of story. Probably just manganese and zinc. We all like zinc, right?


Blogger nate said...

There's some kind of heat wave on along the East Coast, I gather? I'm still not used to being completely detached from the northeast's weather news, which seems to be the case for me since I've been out here.

I like how that zinc-filmstrip Simpsons clip ends with Mrs. Krabapple's crushing loneliness; a downer, though it's funny to me because I long ago memorized what happens next. Ha ha ha, Gordie Howe.

7/07/2010 8:38 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Miami currently has some great bus-side ads talking about how up-to-code and safe-to-drink our tap water is. Seems similar, somehow. 'Cause it's always funny to me when the positive message of a thing like that is "up to code!" "not harmful!"

And we always have apples!

7/08/2010 1:15 PM  

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