Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Night Is Laundry Night

Yeah, but the weekend is going to be eventful, with a wedding to go to in NYC tomorrow evening (wind ensemble buddies Andy and Lisa) preceded by outer-borough hanging around with the girlfriend, and on Sunday a kayaking excursion with Stu and a different Andy, weather permitting, which it seems like it should. And after work today I played a few satisfying chess games with Alex. So I feel like my social calendar permits some Friday night laundry-doing sans shame.

The face is probably about 80% now, and functionally better than that. My right eyelid is weak but I can close it all the way now (and therefore can sleep without a gauze patch on), and everything is basically working except for my lower right lip. All the improvement occurred between the 2- and 3-week marks of onset, and things have been static for about another week now. So I suppose I'll wait out the last improvement. I assume this means there was some limited nerve damage in there after all.

Really I'll be happier when I no longer have sinus pressure and popping ears, which has been coincidental with the Bell's from the start. (I don't know if they're more related than that.) It's a very mild inconvenience, but it makes me feel like I'm still not back to normal. The behind-the-ear headache has long since stopped, however.

Monday night I ducked into the city to see Pete ever so briefly before he flew to Berlin -- had drinks & dinner with him and his friend Dan, with Maddie joining us for part of the proceedings. I forget already the name of the fancy-ish pizza spot we went to on First Avenue. Beers were at the quasi beer garden Zum Schneider, which I can tell you (based on a different excursion there earlier this summer with Andy and Lisa) is even better when you order a huge pork dish.

I'm hoping to push myself into the habit of writing more, once again. Even casually it's an inertial phenomenon somehow.


Blogger nate said...

I find personally that hanging out with the girlfriend lends a nice not-socially-pathetic sheen to Friday night activities that I would wince a little at sharing if I were single, e.g. making a batch of quinoa salad at home and then watching a few episodes of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" while laundering our raincoats.

I continue to wish you the best in attaining 100% Face Improvement. Speaking almost from experience, it's a good face.

8/07/2010 4:41 PM  

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