Friday, August 06, 2010


Pete is, I think, getting himself settled in Berlin for the next couple of months, so it falls to me to tease this here: In his "Culturology" column at his college chum Nick's AudioShocker site, Pete is running a short story I wrote for him a couple of months ago, "Super Foot to Head". It's going in two parts; part one is up today, with part two following, I guess, next week.

Pete gives some introductory background, but briefly: Pete came to Pittsburgh over Memorial Day weekend with a pile of short stories to grade for the intro to creative writing course he was teaching. He mentioned one, about a mixed martial arts tournament, called "Foot to Head", which I thought was an awesome title for a short story to have. So a couple weeks later I wrote him my own intro-to-creative-writing-style story about an MMA fighter, to try to do justice to the title.

A representative sample:

like i said before, the other guys short story about me was Foot To Head, i dont know why he named it that. maybe because of fighter energy flowing all the way up my body from my foot to my head or something. what i do know is this short story is Super Foot To Head because of the incredibly powerful way i put my foot to that guys head in the alley. imagine if you put three pounds of medium rare ground beef in a hollowed out honeydew melon and then shot it with a shotgun. IT WAS EPIC. when it was over i was just standing at the end of the alley breathing with busted up head meat dripping off my shirt, i was so much in the fighter zone. i looked at my watch, i had seven minutes left til the match. it was just the beginning.

Pete and then Nick liked it sufficiently well to upgrade it from "bizarre joke e-mail from sibling" to "something on the Internet". I hope that other fans of the SERIOUSLY HARDCORE will enjoy it as well.


Blogger Pete said...

It is the twins' job to blog in my european quasi-absence, but I will state, for the record, that the only thing wrong with Nate's story is the unidiomatic use of the word "horked" towards the end of the first part of the story. Otherwise, it is, as they say, fudging brilliant.

8/07/2010 7:50 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

Nate emailed the story to me a couple months ago, and I had to stop reading it at work because it cracked me up too audibly. I know my opinion is warped by twin humor feedback but I do find it very funny.

8/08/2010 7:33 PM  

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