Friday, September 24, 2010

We Like Roy! We Like Roy!

Somewhere on a VHS tape, there's footage of Nate, Jack, and I, as young children, standing in the backyard of our first house in Pittsburgh, wherein we're pretending to be Transformers. Or, rather, Nate and Jack are pretending to be Transformers, and I'm trying to be like Nate and Jack. Or at least, that's how I remember it--remember the video, I don't actually remember the video-captured day itself.

Which I mention, not out of nostalgia, but because I went to the blog today, and there was a post from Nate about Autumn. And there was a post from Jack from Autumn. So...

it's Autumn here too! Hope your Equinoxes were wonderful.

I've been thinking, maybe to match the two major holidays of the year (Warm Solstice and Cold Solstice) maybe we also introduce Days of Maximum Ambivalence for the Equinoxes? Where, you know, folks just kind of sit or lie around, not really doing too much of one thing or another. I mean, do something if they want to, or, I guess, if it really needs doing, but otherwise, you know, whatever. I guess it can be a holiday, if you want. Balance some eggs, or whatever.

Though this may take some planning, 'cause apparently Autumn came a day later in Europe than it did in the States (arbitrariness alert! (or is it out of some ground?)).

It actually was a very beautiful day in Berlin yesterday. As usual, nothing particularly blog-worthy went down. Actually, pretty mightily ambivalent, come to think of it...


Blogger Jack said...

Nah, that sounds like a Hallmark holiday.* Although your celebration idea sounds eerily like what my after-work life has been like this week.

I'm sticking with the traditional holidays, like this Sunday's eastern seaboard Autumnal Equilux. Happy Equilux, everybody!

*Front: Hey, it's the Day of Maximum Ambivalence.

*Inside: Huh.

9/24/2010 9:12 AM  

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