Sunday, September 12, 2010

Steelers 15, Falcons 9

Yeah, when the Steelers' defense brings its A game, it's going to be worth watching. Even if the offense can only score 9 points in regulation.

You go into the 4th quarter with the score tied; you think, Well, here's where you find out whether the D is still going to crumble late in the game. Probably not, right, since Troy is back? But there's still that nagging doubt. Then Troy makes one of his unbelievable interceptions, and you figure OK, there's your answer. The man has the presence of mind to keep his feet in-bounds at the sideline like he's a wide receiver. And his new Head & Shoulders commercial is pretty funny, too.

My favorite kind of football game is the kind laced with goofy, unforeseeable turns of events. I think watching Mendenhall suddenly bust out a 50-yard TD run in overtime, after four quarters of thoroughly pokey offense, counts as that. Sure, Troy's interception should have won the game, if Jeff Reed doesn't uncharacteristically miss a 40-yard field goal. But then Reed also managed to kick off deep enough to force a touchback, so, hey, anything can happen.

I was in New York this morning and Stu was in town working, so we caught up at a Steelers bar at Avenue A and 11th Street called Angels and Kings, which was OK enough despite a fairly small crowd and a limited snack menu.


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