Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Ice" to See You

I like being a pedestrian commuter, but there are always a few days a year where it's massively inconvenient. Usually those days are in the rain-and-wind genre, where the only thing to do is to dress like you're Nate going to the opera. Today was a day in a different genre, freezing-rain-plus-sidewalk-slush, which created ice sheets in the morning and huge melted puddles on every street corner in the evening.

Survivable, but it gave the ol' Johnston and Murphys a workout. Actually I only got those in December. Hooray commuter shoes. (Even if shoe shopping at the Queens Center Mall during Christmas season is an activity that I'd not care to repeat.) I like to think of the left and right shoes being individually named "Johnston" and "Murphy," along the lines of an Irishman naming his fists.

I'd be more happily ensconced at home for the evening if there wasn't this thing in the news about how being sedentary is irreparably bad for you. You had to tell us this in the middle of January? Really? On the plus side, we'll be rid of Joe Lieberman before too too long.

I'm listening to my copy of the finally-released Steven Mackey/Dreamhouse recording, which sounds gorgeous and, predictably, way better than reality as far as sonic clarity goes.


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