Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've said plenty of times, that I've never successfully convinced anyone to become a vegetarian (nor have I ever really tried). Folks mostly have to decide for themselves to cultivate some awareness of what they consume (whether that means going meatless, drinking Fair Trade (or better, Direct Trade) coffee, riding a bicycle to get around, etc.). But this is an article with a healthy angle for people-that-want-to-eat-animals. It's the usual good points that eating local, responsibly-raised animals is really way better than eating the usual industrially produced paingarbage that most meat is.

To me, the main lesson is: it's grotesque to try and save so much money on what you eat. Humans have to eat pretty much every day, so it should be where you spend a lot of your earnings, and you might as well eat what not only is better for you, the animals, and the planet, but also tastes better.


Blogger Jack said...

I think you've successfully convinced me to at least tilt a lot further toward vegetarianism. Which incidentally I'm trying to continue this year by cutting out pork, as kind of a nonbinding post-solstice behavior idea. Pork because (1) it won't be hard, and (2) I finally decided that pigs are probably smart enough to suffer when they lead a terrible existence. Plus (3) the environmental case against meat in general is pretty compelling.

(I would not feel bad about eating a decent farm-raised pig, although I'm going with the complete quit for starters since it's probably better for habit-forming.)

I think a widespread acceptance of spending more money on better food would be a healthy development. But I'm not sure I'm optimistic about seeing that really take off.

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