Monday, January 31, 2011

Late December / Early January in Creativity

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend, and the Steelers are playing in it, so that's exciting. I've gotten my Lamar Woodley jersey and Terrible Towel out of storage just in time. Of course, I'm more distracted by the impending labor negotiations that will be going on presumably right after the big game ends (I like Kyle's reading of Nate's interpretation of the big game). Since, it seems inevitable to me that the masses of fans will want the players to shut up and play, since they make so much money already, whilst ignoring the sheer oodles of money that the owners make (and also the kind of let's call it "tax-payer" money they bilk out of municipalities to build their greed-temples (okay, well, Dallas's stadium, that's a greed temple, I guess I like Heinz Field okay (only been there once...)).

Meanwhile, I finally took the time to plug my new digital camera into my computer, so that means more creative retrospectives! Of Mild Interest is now the refrigerator door about which I will cry if my art and crafts are not clung with magnets there-upon!

Two paintings from my friend Dan's apartment, and a drawing from my friend Parker's apartment:

Everyone's gotta have a blue period, right?

"A line, a sky, nothing..."

Marker on kitchen table.

In context.


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