Friday, March 04, 2011

You Can't Spell Information Without O, Miami (well almost...)

This is something of a "soft" unfurling of a bunch of O, Miami information--we're not "officially" announcing the availability of all this stuff until Monday--but, seeing as I've turned myself into a poetry stress zombie getting all this stuff arranged and onto the website, I thought I'd share it here first.

Now available for your perusal and awe: O, Miami's Events, Poets, Projects, Partners, Sponsors, and Calls for Work.

And please check back at that site frequently, as we'll be making updates more or less continuously up until and through the festival.

I am astounded by how much we've put together for this inaugural festival, I hope that you are too.


Anonymous Dad said...

Pete, impressive list of Events, Projects and Partners.

3/05/2011 12:06 AM  
Blogger nate said...

Hopefully you're weathering the Poetry Stress Zombie phase well enough, but I agree that it's an impressively wide-ranging roster. It's always fun to see a long-running project actually start to take shape late in the process; in my limited experience (I mean in my fairly limited experience of successful, end-to-end software work) it always feels a bit like assembling the proverbial 747 by tossing the parts up into a windstorm.

3/09/2011 11:31 PM  

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