Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheese & Hockey Friday

Friday night plan in New Haven: out for after-work dinner with friends at Cheese Restaurant (obviously actually open for a while now), followed by a 7 pm hockey game at the university's estimable Saarinen rink. Dinner had me stuffed, yet surprisingly without lethargy or overeating-remorse. I can't remember the last time I was so blissed out on just being full. That feeling came courtesy of a high-end grilled cheese sandwich (on thick slices of homemade rye) with a little salad, some cheddared kale (oh yes, "cheddar" gets to be a verb), and fries we split among ourselves, plus a smooth and creamy Belgian amber ale.

The hockey game set the popular university home team against the squad from central New York's Colgate University. The Colgate crew played the scrappy underdogs and gutted out a 1–1 tie despite seeming less sharp the whole game. The tie feels a little anticlimactic, frankly. Someone from the home team missed an easy goal with about 1:30 left in regulation (the goalie a couple feet forward of where he should have been, but the shot flicked wide of the net to his side, from maybe four feet away)\. I have a hard time rooting against a scrappy underdog, though, so my affiliation had quietly reversed field by the middle of the first period.

It's the hockey atmospherics I enjoy more than anything, as ever: the excellent rink, the university-booster crowd, the pep band playing bits of top 40 and '80s pop. The tickets were free to employees last night, and you've got to take the perks they give you.


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